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Rocky Intertidal: Intertidal Bioblitz – Grades 9-12

December 4th, 2020

Part of a complete MPA Outreach Toolkit featuring conveniently packaged MPA curriculum, materials, and related activities for educators. Designed to improve MPA education, outreach, compliance and stewardship among students.

Sharks and Seastars: Sometimes What You Don’t See is Equally Important.

August 3rd, 2016

**This blog entry orginally appeared on the website oceanspaces.org.**/p> “It is a fabulous place: when the tide is in, a wave-churned basin, creamy with foam, whipped by the combers that roll in from the whistling buoy on the reef. But when the tide goes out, the little water world becomes quiet and lovely. The sea […]

Shark Watch: A Citizen Science Project on Sharks & Rays of the San Francisco Bay

December 9th, 2014

**This blog entry orginally appeared on the website oceanspaces.org.**/p> As the largest estuary on the west coast of North America, the San Francisco Bay hosts many species of elasmobranchs, the taxonomic group of cartilaginous fishes we know as sharks, skates and rays. Although historically impacted by mining, pollution and habitat loss, the Bay remains an […]