South Coast Regional Forum Held on April 29th, 2015

Over 75 South Coast collaborative members representing NGOs, tribes, fishermen, and agencies attended the first South Coast Regional Forum at Cabrillo Marine Aquarium. California Secretary for Natural Resources John Laird (pictured) gave opening remarks.  

An executive summary of the meeting with key action items and full meeting notes are available. 

Attendees shared experiences and lessons learned on communications and messaging strategies, brainstormed solutions for sustainable financing of collaborative projects, and offered feedback to Ocean Science Trust (OST) on effective ways to share South Coast scientific monitoring results. OST’s Marisa Villarreal shared her own reflections on the forum here

Moving forward, key action items the group will work to tackle include tracking ongoing legislative and regulatory developments that affect MPAs, and forming work groups to tackle four core needs:

  • Reaching out to more diverse constituencies (especially recreational anglers)
  • Identifying funding opportunities
  • Coordinating web communications, and
  • Facilitating communication between collaboratives as well as with state agencies.  

South Coast Chairs expressed the need to convene on a regional level again soon, and suggested a follow up gathering in late summer/early fall.

MPA CIP will be following up with work group leaders on next steps. If you are interested in joining a subcommittee, please contact