Slide Show: Snapshot CalCoast Bioblitz

Del Norte Collaborative Co-Chair Rosa Laucci of the Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation led a small team through rain and knee deep tidepools to document species at Pyramid Point, our northernmost MPA.


All you needed to participate in the Bioblitz was a smartphone, and a tidepool. Jackets and beanies helped too.



Meanwhile, at Soquel Point in Santa Cruz, LIMPETS staff went the extra mile and trained volunteers on conducting transect surveys

Volunteers at Pelican Cove in the Palos Verdes SMCA followed suit.

They start ’em off young these days – these kids at Crystal Cove will be conducting transects in no time.


This spectacular anemone was captured at Natural Bridges State Marine Reserve by Alison Gong.



Photo 1: Rosa Laucci
Photo 2-3: Calla Allison
Photo 4: USC Sea Grant
Photo 5: Calla Allison
Photos 7-8: Allison Gong
Photo 9: Patricia Clark-Gray