Spending a day at the coast is an amazing way to recharge, spend time with friends and have fun! Outdoor recreation is on the rise, and that’s a good thing for people, but negative impacts on tidepools, birds, seals and otters are increasing. 

It’s thrilling to encounter some of the amazing creatures that live at the coast, in their natural habitats. But to wildlife, seeing us may not be such a thrill. 

There’s a new campaign called Respect Wildlife that aims to reduce the impact of our recreation on coastal wildlife. Most of us don’t realize how our actions disturb birds, otters, seals, sea stars and more. Understand that you’re visiting homes— where animals eat, sleep, play and breed. Fun and respect go together. 

With little impact to our own fun, we can be sure our animal neighbors can thrive. Here are the top ways you can Respect Wildlife. 

  • Stay back, wildlife need their space. If an animal starts to stare, fidget or flee, calmly back away and give them more space. 
  • Safety over selfies. Use your zoom lens or binoculars if you want that close-up view. 
  • Keep your hands to yourself, especially at tidepools. Leave creatures as you find them. Look, don’t touch, and step carefully. 
  • Pick up and pack out trash. Always carry your trash to the nearest garbage can. You can also pick up litter you find. If trash cans are overflowing, take your trash home. 
  • Keep your snacks to yourself. Share food with your friends, not wildlife. Let them find and eat food that is natural for them. 
  • Keep pets on a leash and kids close. Leashing your dog protects your pet and wildlife too. Teach kids to stay back, and to look, not touch. 

For more information, visit www.Respect-Wildlife.org or email info@respect-wildlife.org. 

Respect Wildlife Campaign members include state and federal agencies, non-governmental organizations, local businesses, and others. Respect Wildlife received funding from the Ocean Protection Council (OPC) through the Marine Protected Area (MPA) Outreach and Education Small Grant Program administered by Coastal Quest to create this campaign. You can read more about our partners at www.Respect-Wildlife.org/about 

Join the campaign and help spread the word! 

Visit the website and download a media kit with graphics and messaging to help you share and post: https://www.respect-wildlife.org/resources 

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