The draft 2015 Master Plan for MPAs (Master Plan) sets a path forward for effective management of California’s MPA network.  The Master Plan was developed in close collaboration with the Fish and Game Commission, California Ocean Protection Council, and Ocean Science Trust.

The tribal communication and consultation appendix and four regional appendices contained in the master plan should be of particular interest to MPA Collaborative members.  Each appendix includes the following: 

  • Regional goals and objectives 
  • A summary of regional of MPAs
  • MPA monitoring information 
  • An enforcement plan

California’s Department of Fish and Wildlife presented the Master Plan to the Commission at their December 9-10 meeting in San Diego. Comments on the Master Plan will be considered by the Commission until January 28, 2016. To submit comments, please visit the Commission website for full instructions. 

A discussion hearing is anticipated at the Commission’s February 2016 meeting, followed by possible adoption of the Master Plan at the Commission’s April 2016 meeting.