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MPA Social Media Campaign Update

Have you been participating in the MPA social media campaign? The goal of the campaign is to heighten the visibility of California’s MPAs on social media platforms to increase awareness, particularly ahead of the 2022 MPA management review. We invite you to join us and post once a week on your platforms, using the hashtag #CalifMPAs or #CaliforniaMPAs.

We are now officially 6 months in, and the results are incredible! Since the start of the campaign, there have been over 1000 posts using #CalifMPAs and #CaliforniaMPAs, reaching 321,672 unique users. Over 43,000 social media users have engaged with these posts (comments, likes, shares).

The fourth content packet that contains suggested captions, tags and images was released in early December, which you can access here. Feel free to modify the content and use it however you’d like- You can change text or images to match your audience and location or use it as it is.

You can also check out the information sheet that contains details on how to participate, social media best practices, and more! New content packets will be released every 2 months, so stay tuned for more content at the end of January. To see the content from previous packets, click here.

you would like to join our social media mailing list and stay up to date on the MPA Social Media Campaign, sign up here. Please feel free to contact with any comments, suggestions for future topics, or concerns.


Over the past year, CMSF has been working with partners to develop exhibits for use at outreach events, tradeshows, and conferences that highlight MPAs, fishing and boating guidelines, and wildlife etiquette. These multi-topic exhibits have been developed in partnership with Clean Marine, the Bay Foundation, and Reef Check California.

CMSF is also developing an exhibit for shared use among partners. It features 4 standing, retractable banners that can be used together or on their own. They will focus on fishing, ocean recreation, MPA community science, and one will be in Spanish. If you will be attending any events in 2021, these exhibits are available to you.  Please send us an email and we can schedule getting you equipped.  


CMSF has been working with ocean recreation businesses, interpretive centers, bait and tackle shops, and charter companies to create signs that communicate issues of importance to their audience. Each sign highlights information important to their customers including barotrauma, wildlife watching etiquette, how to dispose of fishing line, green boating practices, sea bird protection, and more. These signs will be installed in the Spring of 2020.  Laminates or copies of these can serve as valuable displays, so if you are interested please reach out to  

Enforcement and Compliance Tools

Don’t forget to check out the outreach toolkit on the website, which hosts a suite of tools for your outreach and education needs. From regulatory brochures and signs, to maps and handouts explaining where to access MPA information on the go, there are many different resources available. Is there something you are in need of? Please reach out and let us know your request!