Calling all South Coast Citizen Scientists

Guest Post by Benét Duncan, Program Scientist, Ocean Science Trust

We have seen an incredible surge in the number of citizen science programs popping up throughout the South Coast region. From crowdsourcing photos to taking high schoolers to the ocean to collect water samples, citizen science attracts a diverse group of participants and covers a broad range of topics that are helping  to shape our collective knowledge of the ecological landscape of the South Coast.

In celebration of this incredible progress, Ocean Science Trust wants to be sure the tremendous contribution citizen scientists are making is captured in the South Coast Monitoring Survey. To help make this possible, we have extended our deadline for receiving your entry by two weeks! Open through October 5, the survey will develop an inventory and picture of monitoring activities in the region and help Ocean Science Trust and our partners inform the next phase of MPA monitoring, in the South Coast and statewide.

Responses will provide the South Coast ocean community with a deeper understanding of monitoring taking place inside and outside MPAs in the region, identify data gaps and overlaps, and highlight opportunities for partnership and collaboration to better utilize resources and improve monitoring efforts.

Survey results received by October 5 will be included in the State of the California South Coast report, and all entries will populate the Monitoring Dashboard – and with a click of a button, users will be able to search all of the incredible citizen science work being conducted in the South Coast.

Photo Credit: Sea Grant