Content from the California Marine Sanctuary Foundation:
We are excited to be sending out the fifth content packet for the California Marine Protected Areas Social Media Campaign! The days have been flying and somehow we are officially 8 months into the campaign.
The goal of this campaign is to heighten the visibility of California’s MPAs on social media platforms to increase awareness, particularly ahead of the 2022 MPA management review.
This link will take you to the fifth packet of curated posts for February and March. Within each document, you will find text for the post, suggestions on how to customize the content to your specific location, hashtags to use, and links to high resolution media to accompany the messages.
We hope you will join us by posting once a week, using the hashtag #CalifMPAs or #CaliforniaMPAs.
Feel free to modify the content and use it however you’d like- You can change text or images to match your audience and location or use it as it is.
We’ve also compiled an information sheet that contains further details on how to participate, social media best practices, tips and tricks for boosting your reach and growing your followers, and more! You will also find a list of links at the bottom that you may find useful for additional information.
This is the second to last packet of curated content, and the final packet will be available at the end of March. While this year-long campaign is wrapping up, we encourage you to use the content into the future. To view the content from previous packets, click here.
We appreciate the effort that has been put in over the past 8 months to raise awareness of our state MPAs, and look forward to the final months of this campaign! If you would like to join our social media mailing list and stay up to date on the MPA Social Media Campaign, please sign up here.
Please feel free to contact with any questions, comments, suggestions for future topics or concerns.
Kind Regards,
The CMSF Team

Wondering How the Campaign is Going?!
From June 1, 2020 through January 29, 2020:

  • There have been 982 posts using the CalifMPAs hashtag (#CalifMPAs), reaching 347,979 unique users across social media platforms. A total of 26,080 social media users across all platforms engaged with these posts (comments, likes, shares).
  • For the CaliforniaMPAs hashtag (#CaliforniaMPAs), there have been 387 posts reaching 17,279 unique users across platforms. A total of 38,787 social media users across all platforms engaged with these posts (comments, likes, shares).