The Marine Protected Area (MPA) Bilingual Coloring and Activity Books are great fun for kids of all ages (yes, even those only young at heart)! The newly updated booklets feature fun activities and coloring pages to educate its readers on marine protected areas, wildlife, ocean safety, marine stewardship, recreational opportunities, and more. The booklets even have 3D augmented reality coloring pages that allow you to see your octopus, lingcod, and snowy plover coloring come to life with the free QuiverVision app.

Created by members of the Marine Protected Area (MPA) Collaborative Network to introduce kids to the wonders of the California Coastline, the MPA Coloring Book and Explorer’s Guides are available here:

In each book, you’ll find 3D augmented reality coloring sheets that feature a lingcod, a California two-spot octopus, and a snowy plover. You can color and then bring these animals to life using the free Quiver app on a smartphone or tablet. The app also includes educational games that allow users to experience a marine protected area through the eyes of an octopus and lingcod, where the user can help each animal find and eat its prey. See how it works here: QuiverVision: Octopus & Lingcod – YouTube.

In addition, the Marine Protected Area Bilingual Coloring Book features beautiful drawings of native coastal wildlife species that your students can color while investigating their underwater world. The MPA Explorer’s Guide (aka Activity Book) invites students to try interactive STEAM activities to learn about marine ecosystems and wildlife, and share ideas for how we can protect them. Once students finish the Coloring Book or Explorer’s Guide they can take an online quiz to earn their personalized MPA Steward Certificate!

You can download and print these books today, or contact us to inquire about picking up FREE hard copies of these resources.

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