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UPDATE: We’ve had an amazing turn out for The $10,000 Blue Fellowship Grant.  There have been 7200+ people engaged in the campaign with 400+ votes and 20 submissions.  We could use everyone’s help voting for the submission that they like and also uploading any ideas that you have.  The campaign ends on October 27th!

Just go to <> and upload a 90 sec video and you could be selected for the $10,000 fellowship grant to continue your idea! We’ll be presenting the winner at the Blue Ocean Filme Festival on Nov 6th.  Check out our group on OceanSpaces.org for more details and go to the campaign website: <> We invite you to share your ideas!! – See more at: http://oceanspaces.org/blog/blue-10000-ocean-conservation-fellowship-grant#sthash.QnVrulXS.dpuf