The University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability (SEAS) is teaming up with the MPA Collaborative Network! Under the guidance of Project Advisor (and MLPA expert) Steven L. Yaffee, Masters of Science Program students Kimberly Guo, Julie Hassen, Celina Horbat, Kathryn Maloney, Gwyndolyn Sofka, and Dani Triebwasser will be exploring impacts, successes, and challenges faced by the Network and the fourteen MPA collaboratives as they work to advance MPA management and encourage ocean stewardship.

This Master of Science project can be broken down into two specific objectives:

  1. Create a detailed organizational overview of the network that includes history, mission, goals, partnerships, funding, obstacles, and achievements with the intent to compile best practices for other entities looking to create a similar partnership structure.
  2. Assist the collaboratives where needed and as able with projects, outreach, and more, especially focusing on identifying obstacles and opportunities for engaging tribes, fishers, and underserved/disconnected communities.

Stay tuned for more information about this exciting project and partnership!