Collaborative Project(s) Project Descriptions
Del Norte

Expansion of MPA Watch to the North Coast

Development of a MPA Tribal Curriculum

Expansion of MPA Watch to the North Coast: Conduct human-use surveys to monitor coastal and marine resource use in sites in Del Norte and Humboldt counties as part of the statewide MPA Watch program.

MPA Tribal Curriculum: Develop a classroom curriculum focused on the intersection of marine protected areas and tribal knowledge and perspectives on marine resource management and ocean stewardship.


MPA Teacher Toolkits

Ocean Day and MPAs on the Humboldt Bay

Updated Docent Manual to include MPAs

MPA Teacher Toolkits: Create toolkits that feature conveniently packaged MPA curriculum, materials and related activities, that will be available for loan across the counties in school classrooms and with non-formal environmental educators. Working in collaboration and funding from the Mendocino MPA Collaborative.

Kid’s Ocean Day and MPAs: Incorporate MPA education into an existing Kids’ Ocean Day program.

Docent Manual Update: Incorporate MPA information in to an upcoming update of the Trinidad Coastal Land Trust’s docent manual.


MPA Teacher Toolkits

Mendocino MPA Brochure Distribution

State Parks MPA Training

MPA Teacher Toolkits: (See Humboldt).

Mendocino MPA Brochure Distribution: Distribute the recently created Mendocino County MPA brochure through a concerted distribution and tracking plan.

State Parks MPA Training: Deliver a training on MPAs to California State Parks employees to aid them in understanding and sharing information on MPAs in their jurisdiction.

Sonoma Tribal Traditions MPA Video Project Tribal Traditions MPA Video Project: Create a video focused on Tribal Traditions and MPAs in Sonoma. The project is the fourth video in a series of videos about Sonoma’s connections to MPAs and the Coast.
Golden Gate Online MPA Ambassador Training Online MPA Ambassador Training: Create an online MPA Ambassador Training with focus on the MPA Watch program and use of iNaturalist.
San Mateo

MPA Video Shorts

MPA Poster Contest

MPA Video Shorts: Develop a series of approximately 2-4 very brief video messages highlighting the area’s MPAs.

MPA Poster Contest: Youth from of all ages (Preschool-19 years old) will be asked to design posters that support the campaign messages.

Santa Cruz MPA Trainings, Events, and Outreach Toolkits MPA Trainings, Events, and Outreach Toolkits: Update, revise and print existing Santa Cruz region MPA materials and provide them to Collaborative partners to use at their visitor centers, businesses and at events throughout the year. *Working in collaboration and funding from the Monterey MPA Collaborative.
Monterey MPA Coloring Book MPA Coloring Book: Develop a MPA Coloring book featuring species likely to benefit from MPAs.
San Luis Obispo MPA Kids Activity Book MPA Kids Activity Book: Develop and distribute a 16-page Coastal and Marine Conservation Children’s Activity Booklet.
Santa Barbara Channel

Interactive MPA Map Update

MPA Boundary Marker Outreach

MPA Resiliency Outreach

Coal Oil Point MPA Exhibit

Interactive MPA Map Update: Update a map that is currently available as part of a MPA exhibit in the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum’s Sea Center and on the CINMS website.

MPA Boundary Marker Outreach: Develop a resource to help boaters and enforcement personnel better identify MPA boundaries to improve enforcement and compliance.

MPA Resiliency Outreach: Highlight research and results from UCSB’s research that indicates MPAs are more resilient to invasive species.

Coal Oil Point MPA Exhibit: Develop a MPA exhibit to be housed at the new Nature Center located at Coal Oil Point.


MPA Speakers Bureau

MPA Brochure

MPA Speakers Bureau: (See Los Angeles)

MPA Brochure: Update and print a brochure developed for Catalina.

Los Angeles

MPA Speakers Bureau

MPA Brochure

MPA Speakers Bureau: Develop a MPA speakers’ training program and provide presentations to target groups that would benefit from greater MPA awareness and understanding. Working in collaboration and funding from the Catalina MPA Collaborative.

MPA Brochure Update: Update and print a brochure developed for LA including English and Spanish versions.

OCMPAC MPA  Brochure MPA Brochure Print: Update and print brochures developed for Orange County.
San Diego

MPA Outreach Toolkits

MPA Brochure

 MPA Outreach Toolkits: Develop MPA related outreach toolkits for teachers in the San Diego area.

MPA Brochure Update: Update and print a brochure developed for San Diego recreational users.