California State Parks’ MPA Outreach and Education Team were ready to hit the ground running in response to recent school closures. Funded by the Ocean Protection Council, the MPA Outreach and Education Project has been providing “traditional” in-park MPA educational programs and distance learning programs in eight State Parks districts along the California coast. In March they shifted gears to offering all of their MPA outreach through PORTS Home Learning Programs along with livestreams and content posted on their social media channels. Some of the topics covered include deep sea habitats, marine mammal and intertidal animal adaptations, connectivity of watersheds to the ocean, keystone species’ role in balanced marine ecosystems, traditional tribal use of coastal areas, and more, all through the lens of marine protected areas.

The California State Parks’ MPA Team is excited to offer six hours of K-12 MPA programming each Monday in celebration of #MPAMonday.

All PORTS programs and digital resources are offered free to students learning from home and are accessible to the public. Many of the State Parks MPA Team have been working directly with teachers to schedule programs for their new digital classrooms. To view the weekly schedule and learn more about the programs, visit