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We will be holding our upcoming OPC-SAT workshop, you are welcome to attend.

At this workshop, we will build off the conversation we initiated at our September 4, 2013 meeting, Advancing Science in California Fisheries. From that meeting emerged a committment among ourselves as OPC-SAT members, Ocean Science Trust, and state decision-makers to expand partnerships between the independent scientific community and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Since then we have made valuable progress. Such projects as the OPC-SAT Task Force on Scientific Collecting Permits in MPAs, and the Scientific Review of Northern Red Abalone Density Estimates have not only advanced key priorities, but have also deepened our understanding of CDFW’s science needs. We are now poised to help them begin thinking about ways to assess vulnerability to climate change. 

During this workshop, we will hear from CDFW, the Fish and Game Commission, and the Ocean Protection Council about their priorities and challenges in planning for climate change, and share our scientific perspectives on the potential risks posed to our fisheries and coastal communities. Out of this workshop, we aim to work with CDFW to identify next steps for how we could engage the broader scientific community in providing support in incorporating climate change considerations in the Master Plan, CDFW’s official guide for development of Fishery Management Plans.