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A huge thank you to everyone who has participated in the South Coast Monitoring Survey over the past month and a half! Through the survey, you are helping us learn more about and showcase the incredible role that both citizen scientists and traditional academic researchers play in monitoring the South Coast.

In recognition of the great participation in the South Coast Monitoring Survey thus far, we have extended the deadline to October 5, to ensure that everybody who wants to share their work is able to. If you lead a monitoring project that collects data in the South Coast, we would be grateful for your participation in the Monitoring Survey by October 5!

Your Survey responses will become part of an inventory of monitoring activities in the region, which will soon be available to everybody through the interactive California Coastal Monitoring Dashboard. With the click of a button, you will be able to learn who is monitoring what, where — and even if a particular project incorporates citizen science! Survey results will also help us to build a picture of monitoring capacity in the South Coast region, which will become part of the upcoming State of the California South Coast Region Report.

Click here to take the survey, or learn more on the South Coast State of the Region page!