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In early December 2015, California Ocean Science Trust, in collaboration with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and California Ocean Protection Council, had the pleasure of hosting a series of community gatherings throughout the North Central Coast. These events were designed for Ocean Science Trust and our partners to share the results of the North Central Coast Marine Protected Area (MPA) Baseline Program, and other assessments from the first five years of MPA implementation in the region. 

We are so thankful to the over 120 community members—representing a wide variety of ocean users, interests, and perspectives—for raising important questions, sharing thoughtful insights and input on the baseline program, highlighting MPA monitoring interests, and identifying opportunities for continued collaboration and partnership.

Key themes expressed by those who attended the events, as well as input received during informal, small group discussions with local community leaders, have been summarized and are now available on OceanSpaces:


Sharing Results of MPA Baseline Monitoring in the North Central Coast:

Summary of Key Themes – North Central Coast Community Gatherings

December 1, Gualala | December 2, Bodega Bay| December 3, Half Moon Bay


Thanks to the feedback provided by members of the North Central Coast ocean community, the online version of the State of the California North Central Coast: A Summary of the Marine Protected Area Monitoring Program 2010-2015 report has been updated, and an Erratum has been developed to accompany printed copies of the report. You are also welcome to view the presentation given at the community gatherings for additional information and context, and check out the newspaper coverage of the events. 

Looking ahead to April, the key themes summary will be shared with the California Fish and Game Commission. During this upcoming Commission meeting, Ocean Science Trust and California Department of Fish and Wildlife will present results of MPA monitoring in the North Central Coast and management recommendations, drawing on the State of the California North Central Coast report and other related materials that have been developed to inform the adaptive management of the region’s MPA network.