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The North Coast Monitoring Survey is now available! Those actively involved in managing or overseeing monitoring efforts in the North Coast are invited to participate in this online survey, available through Friday, November 10, 2017.

The North Coast is home to extensive ocean and coastal expertise. Collaboration and partnerships that build upon existing capacity in the region are key to developing a cost-effective, efficient statewide MPA monitoring program.  Find out about upcoming community gatherings, the latest snapshot reports, and the soon-to-released North Coast State of the Region report here.



The North Coast Monitoring Survey will help Ocean Science Trust and its partners at California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the California Ocean Protection Council to:

  • Determine the geographic and temporal coverage of monitoring activities inside and outside of North Coast MPAs;
  • Identify data gaps and overlaps in North Coast monitoring efforts in the region; and
  • Highlight opportunities for partnership and collaboration to leverage resources, avoid duplication of effort, expand the community of people and organizations involved in monitoring, and increase opportunities for monitoring results to inform processes beyond MPA management.

Survey results will be publicly available in late 2017 on OceanSpaces.org through the California Coastal Monitoring Dashboard, where you can see results from the North Central Coast, Central Coast, and South Coast regions.

Please forward this information to your colleagues and peers leading North Coast monitoring projects! And for more information, see our survey frequently asked questions page, or contact survey@oceansciencetrust.org.