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California’s marine protected areas (MPAs) are in the process of transitioning from regional baseline monitoring, to statewide long-term monitoring to inform decisions about our coast and ocean. The core components of the Statewide MPA Monitoring Program (see figure) establish a scientifically robust, partnership-based, and comprehensive approach to monitoring. This program provides important information to assess how the network is performing in meeting the goals of the Marine Life Protection Act. Read more here!

To support this transition, the State is seeking a Statewide Monitoring Fellow to focus on developing novel sampling plans and predictive models to inform effective adaptive management of the MPAs. A novel co-mentorship approach is being used linking UC Davis faculty and senior scientific staff at California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW). The position will be hosted by CDFW in Belmont, CA, and the CDFW mentor will be Becky Ota. Read more about the context of the opportunity here, and specifics of the position here.

Stay tuned as we continue to develop and roll out long-term monitoring, to continue to track our natural resources and provide key information to support adaptive management of these special places!