What do marine protected areas (MPAs) mean to you?

Participate in the MPA Collaborative Network’s #MPAartchallenge and show us what MPAs mean to you! Create a piece of art showcasing what comes to your mind when you think of marine protected areas. All ages are welcome to participate and all types of art are encouraged. Draw, paint, build, cut and paste, act it out, write a poem, sing a song, make a meme, do an interpretive dance, take a photo, whatever form of artistic expression speaks to you.

The challenge is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated! We saw many great creations showcasing what marine protected areas (MPAs) mean to the artist. Check them out below! Don’t see yours? Email us at mpacollaborativenetwork@gmail.com


Featured Submissions

This sounds like the preview to the next blockbuster horror movie, one that’s filming before our very eyes.

Surreal. Apocalyptic. Words describing this novel situation we are all surviving. Yet there’s hope and let me tell you why.

My reflections all started with answering the seemingly simple question:

“What do marine protected areas (MPAs) mean to you?”.