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We’re bringing a citizen science perspective on the overall theme of the International Marine Conservation Congress of “Making Science Matter”. To accomplish this, we have a whole day of activities planned to help delve into the question of making citizen science matter to a variety of outcomes: scientific discovery, education, site management, species management, community, and policy.

Find us in Carron Room A starting on Saturday the 16th at 8:30am with our seminar. Download our agenda here.

Find the description of what we have planned in the conference program for our symposium, and the first and second focus groups following. In a nutshell, however, our goal for the day is to create some helpful toolboxes for making citizen science matter. That means if you come (and you should), you’ll help create and walk away with a little packet of resources and best practices to help citizen science meet its goals in education, management, or research. You’ll also meet lots of great people already working hard to make citizen science a common part of scientific practice in the marine realm.