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The 2015 seabird breeding season at Castle Rock National Wildlife Refuge is almost complete! While Brandt’s Cormorant and Western Gull chicks are still at the island, the most numerous seabird nesting at this island—Common Murre—has recently returned to the sea with their chicks. Since 2006, live video of the island has been broadcast on the internet can be enjoyed by anyone at the following website until the cameras are removed for winter repair: www.humboldt.edu/castlerockseabirds. Right now the camera loops through 15 different views of the island and surrounding ocean, changing position every 5 minutes. There is no funding to support the installation of these cameras in 2016 and it is unknown whether monitoring can be continued, so enjoy views of the island while you can!  Thanks for your interest in one of the most important seabird colonies in California. For more information please contact Stephanie Schneider (sschneider@mlml.calstate.edu).