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This week we’re kicking off a big celebration. No, not for the holidays. This one’s for the community involved in monitoring California’s statewide network of MPAs! The science and research happening in this network — and beyond — involves a broad community: fishermen, tribes, researchers, citizen scientists, resource managers and more. Will you join us in celebrating them?

We’ll be sharing stories and research from the incredible work happening along our coast, using the hashtag #10DaysOfMPAs. Help us spread the word about new findings and ideas coming from the MPAs.  Join the conversation — and share with your friends and colleagues. Here’s how:


1.   Share stories and research via Twitter

  • Mention:  @CaliforniaDFW, @CASeaGrant, @CaliforniaOST, and @ThePacificOcean
  • Use Twitter Hashtags:  #10DaysOfMPAs, #CalifMPAs and #MPAsWork



2.   Check out the latest on OceanSpaces


3.   Share stories and research via Facebook

  • Mention:  California Department of Fish and Wildlife, California Sea Grant, University of Southern California Sea Grant, California Ocean Science Trust
  • Use Hashtags #10DaysOfMPAs, #CalifMPAs and #MPAsWork

Thanks for joining the conversation!  We’re look forward to seeing your stories next week. 
The celebration runs 10 days — starting December 8 and running Monday – Friday until December 19, the 2-year anniversary of California’s statewide network of Marine Protected Areas.