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We are excited to announce the first report of the North Coast Snapshot Series is now available!


Baseline Highlights from North Coast Oceanographic Conditions: Monitoring Life During a Series of Unusual Events ​ ​ ​

Ocean conditions along the California coast were highly unusual during the North Coast baseline monitoring period; a “blob” of warm water was pushing into the California Current and a strong El Nino was building. The Oceanographic Conditions Snapshot report highlights the key findings and regional trends in the oceanographic conditions in the North Coast during this time.

Over the coming weeks, we will continue to release Snapshots, each focusing on a different baseline project, ecosystem, and dimension of the North Coast. The information from this first Snapshot will also provide context for those following.


Setting the Scene:

California’s North Coast contains 20 marine protected areas (MPAs) and seven special closures that protect more than 137 square miles of marine and nearshore habitat. To understand the impact that MPAs have on California’s coast, the state established a baseline monitoring program to provide a benchmark of ecological and socioeconomic conditions inside and outside MPAs around the time of MPA implementation, against which future changes can be measured.

Between 2014 and 2016, data collection for the eleven North Coast MPA baseline monitoring projects was in full swing. These projects collected data to inform a regional perspective on the oceanographic, ecological, and socioeconomic conditions during this time. Each of these projects culminated in a technical report packed with information, data, and figures.

To help make this information accessible to everyone, we will be releasing a series of ‘Snapshot’ reports over the next few weeks, highlighting some of the key information about what was happening in the waters of the North Coast region during the baseline monitoring period.

We hope you will find the Oceanographic Conditions Snapshot–and all Snapshots that follow– informative and useful. Be sure to keep your eyes out for the next one!


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Public Meetings in November

Looking for more exciting information about what’s happening in the North Coast?  You are invited to attend a series of public meetings on the North Coast from November 1-3, 2017 to learn more about these snapshots, the State of the California North Coast report, and more.

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