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Ocean Sanctuaries Founder, Barbara Lloyd will be presenting on ‘Using Citizen Science to Identify Sevengill Sharks’ on February 20th, 2016 at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California.


Anyone involved in environmental conservation-oriented citizen science* in Southern California is invited and encouraged to attend this symposium. Attendees will include volunteers currently participating in citizen science programs, students, educators, and anyone with an interest in becoming a citizen scientist or starting a citizen science program. They will represent diverse disciplines in the life sciences and conservation fields at varying levels of experience. The most important opportunities at the symposium will be those that allow participants to make connections, share their knowledge and information with others, and learn from experts and fellow citizen scientists.

Symposium Format

The structure of the symposium was informed by citizen scientists! Based on surveys conducted earlier this year, attendees will be able to experience the following:

Share ideas with fellow citizen scientists from diverse programs throughout Southern California.Interact with scientists and experts from California and the U.S.Discover new programs and opportunities for citizen science in Southern California.Learn more about citizen science in formal and informal settings.

Key Themes

An Introduction to the Diverse Citizen Science Opportunities in Southern California.Citizen Science’s Role in the Scientific Process.Data Quality and Citizen Science.Engaging Community Members about Citizen Science Conservation Efforts.

*Citizen scientists are defined as anyone who conducts research on an avocational basis for collaborative projects, which are structured by scientists, with public participation and engagement through any combination of data collection, analysis, discussion, or collaboration.