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Explore the Planet. Protect the Planet.

The James & Suzy Cameron Challenge
James Cameron and his wife Suzy have challenged all Explorers to join in on giving up eating animals and sealife, and eating a healthy, Ocean Friendly, Planet Friendly, plant-strong diet instead. Good for you, good for our planet. Everybody wins. 

We are picking up that challenge! The goal is to get every explorer on the planet – no matter what terrain they explore – on board, and to set the expectation that to be taken seriously as a modern-day explorer, everyone on the expedition – bow to stern – should be striving for this level of authenticity.

Explorers inspire people to love and stay curious about our planet; in order to have places to explore, we need to set high goals in how we take care of those places. 

Eating a healthy, plant-strong diet is the biggest way we can have a positive impact on our oceans.

Why not just go ahead and start big? 

“People want to change the world, 
but they don’t want 
to change themselves.” 
Philip Wollen
This challenge had a personal resonance – I was not living in an authentic way true to loving the ocean. I’m still not perfect, but I’m definitely aiming hard for it, and giving myself a minimal allowance for excuses.

This project is in the early stages, as you can see. Our first goal is to find out who in the world of exploration, whether it is the explorers themselves, or the people that inspire and support them, that are already eating a plant-strong diet, and then to find ways to inspire others to join us. 

In all this saving & campaigning, remember this:


It’s good for you.

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