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Thank you to everyone who completed the North Central Coast Monitoring Survey!

We’re excited to announce that the newly updated Monitoring Dashboard is now publicly available to visualize and explore the North Central Coast monitoring community. Information from 21 projects – including over 2,048 monitoring sites – can be mapped through the dashboard’s interactive tables, maps, and figures.  

Click here to explore the North Central Coast Survey results on the Monitoring Dashboard!



From kelp forests to rocky reefs, the North Central Coast monitoring projects represented in the Dashboard span across a range of ecosystems, locations, and partnerships.

Discover details about the varied forms of monitoring efforts, such as the “Kelp Forest Ecosystem Characterization” project led by Reef Check, which trains and organizes volunteer SCUBA divers to survey rocky reefs and kelp forests at sites inside and outside of MPAs. These valuable citizen scientists monitored fish density, invertebrate species, and algae species — and at some sites, volunteer divers even surveyed the technically-challenging size frequency distributions of red abalone and urchins. This project deepens our understanding of key species in the region, while also building capacity for long-term monitoring of MPAs by training volunteer citizen scientists.

Information about local monitoring projects shared to date via the North Central Coast Monitoring Survey will be used by Ocean Science Trust and our partners to build a partnership-based, long-term MPA monitoring program in the region.

If you coordinate a monitoring project that you would like to see reflected in the Dashboard, we encourage you to take the North Central Coast Monitoring Survey. Your efforts will help Ocean Science Trust and the North Central Coast ocean community gain a more comprehensive picture of network of monitoring activities taking place locally.

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