Coastal Quest is pleased to announce 2020 funding awards totaling $889,135.17 to 13 organizations throughout the state of California for the Marine Protected Area (MPA) Outreach and Education Small Grants Program. This competitive grant program provides support to organizations serving many underserved communities to increase ocean stewardship, engagement, compliance, and leadership.  Funding for these projects is provided by the Ocean Protection Council’s Once-Through Cooling (OTC) Interim Mitigation Fund, The David and Lucile Packard Foundation, and The Marisla Foundation.

The Monterey and San Luis Obispo MPA Collaboratives are among the awardees who received funding for the 2020 MPA Outreach and Education Small Grants Program. These two central coast Collaboratives teamed up to develop the project, “Blending Tradition and Tech: Bringing MPAs to Life with Augmented Reality Coloring Pages.” The project involves updating the previously developed bilingual MPA Coloring Book (created by Monterey) and the English and Spanish Coastal Explorer Guide (created by San Luis Obispo) with augmented reality coloring pages. That’s right. Augmented reality, three-dimensional, interactive learning experience, coloring pages will be created and incorporated into both booklets!

The Collaboratives are working with QuiverVision to develop two new coloring pages featuring a lingcod and the California two-spot octopus. The pages will be able to be colored in the traditional manner but when scanned with QuiverVision’s app, they will come to life before your eyes! The 3D augmented reality critters will have an interactive component allowing the user to learn more about each animal that is likely to benefit from California’s MPA network and play a quick educational game. See the technology in action in the video below that showcases the Western Snowy Plover coloring page created by California State Parks and QuiverVision.

Updated copies of the bilingual MPA Coloring Book and Coastal Explorer Guide in English and Spanish will be printed and distributed to each Collaborative. Members will be provided these exciting resources to utilize in their own MPA education and outreach initiatives. Stay tuned for more information and updates. Printed copies are expected to be delivered in early 2021.