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We are about to wrap up our 2015 survey season with our most challenging expedition of the year, the North Coast MPA Baseline Assessment.  After an exciting year of processing video collected during the 2014 season – which included six different projects that spanned the entire California coast – we are all eager to return to the rugged north coast once again. 

Over the last year we have spent many days (and some nights) processing the hundreds of hours of video collected during the 2014 season.  The process is still ongoing, but to date we have logged more than 830,000 fish and over 550,000 invertebrates from just last year alone.  Over the next couple months we’ll post a few blogs providing some details about each project completed in 2014.

This week we loaded all our gear for our second and final survey of MPAs in our own back yard.  Starting on Tuesday October 6th, we began a two week journey, working our way down the coast from Crescent City to Fort Bragg.   We’ll be visiting the same marine protected areas that we visited in 2014 (See 2014 Part I), filming roughly another 50 km of sea floor for processing this winter.  This is our sixth and final survey of the 2015 season and will include the ROV Beagle’s 100th dive of the year. 

This year’s expedition along the north coast promises to be interesting, as we have brought along the newest member of our team.  Kelsey Martin joined our post-processing crew in March and is excited to experience the field side of ROV data collection.  I also felt compelled to bring along our starving intern for our north coast journey.  I can only imagine the mischief these two will get into over the next few weeks…


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