Wednesday, July 15, 2020
10:00 am - 11:00 am


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Presented by: Steven Yaffee of the University of Michigan and Kaitlin Gaffney of the Resources Legacy Fund
Date/Time: Wednesday, July 15, 1pm US EDT/10am US PDT/5pm UTC
Description: At a time when the United States is divided and positive collective action feels out of reach, the creation of California’s network of marine protected areas provides a story of hope and hard work. After a contentious ten-year collaborative public process, the establishment of a network of 124 protected areas was considered nothing short of miraculous, having navigated political and interest-based polarization, bureaucratic delays, evolving science, and historic financial difficulties. What lessons can be drawn from the experience? This webinar will report on the conclusions of a new Island Press book that analyzes the story. It will also explain how the protected areas designation process has influenced the implementation of the MPA network, and describe elements of the California experience that may be adapted elsewhere. Co-sponsors: NOAA National MPA Center and OCTO (MPA News, OpenChannels, EBM Tools Network). Register here…