Collaborative ROV Projects

Marine Protected Area (MPA) Collaborative Members statewide are field testing Trident mini-ROVs (remotely operated vehicles) from SoFar Ocean in underwater expeditions focusing on MPA outreach, compliance, and citizen science projects. Discover all of the projects below and follow along with each expedition on National Geographic’s OpenExplorer, a digital field journal for explorers and enthusiasts across the world.

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Collaborative Expeditions

Shining a Light Below the Waters of St. George Reef
The Underwater Meadows of the Crescent City Harbor
Tracking Sea Star and Kelp Abundance at Trinidad, California
Sea Stars, Urchins, and Kelp Forests at Fort Ross
Eelgrass Monitoring in Bodega Bay Harbor, California
Fishing Gear Removal: Entanglement Prevention
Unsettled Waters: Golden Gate MPA Watch
Underwater Explorations in Golden Gate Marine Protected Areas: Discovery and Monitoring of Submerged Nearshore Habitats
Bountiful Bull Kelp at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve
Intertidal Investigations: Seymour Marine Discovery Center
Monitoring Marine Debris in Monterey Bay
Into the Sea: Underwater ROV Exploration at the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History
Exploring the Giant Kelp Forest of Point Lobos
Eyes on Morro Bay
Morro Bay SMRMA Periscope Expeditions
Where is the Wakame?
Range Changes in the Intertidal
Tracking the Giant Sea Bass: Pennington Marine Science Center
Photic Zone Reefs of Catalina Island: Pennington Marine Science Center
Eelgrass Habitat Surveys
Marine Conservation in South La Jolla