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Across the State, Collaboratives have created products aimed at educating their local communities about California’s network of marine protected areas and other ocean resources. Find out more about each project through this portal.

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Early Results Suggest California Marine Protected Areas are a Success

Article by SCRIPPS Institution of Oceanography about a new studyauthored by Samantha Murray of Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego and Tyler Hee of environmental law firm DeLano and DeLano, published in the peer-reviewed journal Ocean and Coastal Management. 

California Indian Tribes and the Marine Life Protection Act: The Seeds of a Partnership to Preserve Natural Resources

“This Article describes tribal engagement in California’s MPA planning process, its outcome, and the extent to which the result sparked changes in state-tribal cooperation in other areas of natural resource policy.”

By Curtis G. Berkey and Scott W. Williams

Dispersal of nearshore marine fish connects marine reserves and adjacent fished areas along an open coast

This study provides the first direct observation of larval dispersal events in a current‐dominated ecosystem and direct evidence that larvae produced within MPAs are exported both to neighboring MPAs and proximate areas where harvest is allowed.”

By Diana Baetscher, Eric Anderson, Elizabeth Gilbert-Horvath, Daniel Malone, Emily Saarman, Mark Carr, John Garza

"Valuation of In-Kind Contributions to Orange County Marine Protected Area Management"

Blue Earth Consultants conducted a valuation of in-kind contributions made by non-State members of Orange County Marine Protected Area Council (OCMPAC) to MPA management activities in Orange County. 

"Interview: Taking the pulse of California's ocean refuges"

Interview with Rick Starr, a researcher at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, conducted and edited by Katherine Leitzell, California Sea Grant Communications Coordinator.

Photo by MPA CN of CCFRP Recreational Point Lobos Science Crew

"California cracks down on poaching in marine protected areas, but small-time anglers slip under the radar"

Article by Joshua Emerson Smith of The San Diego Union-Tribune

Photo by Eduardo Contreras of The San Diego Unione-Tribune

"Get to Know: The MPA Collaborative Network"

Article by Delia Bense-Kange of Surfrider Foundation California

Photo by Karen Lemon

"EVE the ROV"

Article by Song Hunter of the Fort Ross Conservancy

Photo by Nicole Palma of MPACN

Management of California’s Network of MPAs is a group effort

Dive Deeper into the MPA Management Program

California’s MPAs are managed through the MPA Management Program. The MPA Management Program is a collaboration between the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the California Ocean Protection Council, the California Fish and Game Commission, and the MPA Statewide Leadership Team (MSLT)- of which the MPA Collaborative Network is a member. The Memorandum of Understanding to Advance Management of California’s Marine Protected Area Network formally recognizes the relationship between the on-the-ground expertise provided by the Collaboratives and the managing and regulatory agencies who comprise the MSLT.

More MPA Resources was created to serve as an online library for marine protected area materials. You will find a suite of resources, both physical and digital, created by organizations statewide to complement MPA education and outreach programs in California. is apart of the California Marine Sanctuary Foundation’s MPA Outreach and Education Initiative.

California Open Data Portal

California has launched a new open data platform for the long-term curation and public access to all state-funded data collection on natural resources, including MPAs. The system allows for powerful keyword searches, preview capabilities, and easy connection with other existing data repositories. In addition, the platform will house raw data, technical reports, workshop proceedings, grey literature, and other supporting information from California’s MPAs. previously served as California’s go-to place for the latest information on monitoring the state’s MPA network. As the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the California Ocean Protection Council develop new products and platforms for showcasing MPA work, this site will act as a bridge, providing existing information on MPAs and fisheries in California.