UPDATE (8/7/2015): On 7/21 and 7/25, two identical “RFP Informational Overview” webinars were presented for those seeking to learn more about the Small Grants Program. Please feel free to review the webinar (.pdf) and/or notes (.docx)

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On June 1, 2017 the California Ocean Protection Council opened a Request For Proposals (RFP) for a new Small Grants Program available to all MPA Collaboratives. Each Collaborative is eligible to receive up to $15,000 for projects, though Collaboratives may partner and pool their resources. Projects will be chosen for funding based on their ability to address priority needs in at least one of four focal areas that make up the MPA Management Program: outreach and education, research and monitoring, enforcement and compliance, and policy and permitting.

The grant is being administered through Coastal Quest.  Proposals will be due September 1, 2017 and applicants will be notified of project approvals by November 30, 2017. More details regarding the grant are available on their Small Grants Program page.

Small Grants Program Important Dates

MPA Collaborative Network Small Grants Program important dates

In preparation for the release of the RFP, a webinar was convened between Collaborative Co-Chairs to share lessons learned from prior grant funded endeavors. The webinar, “Webinar #1: Sharing Lessons Learned from Collaboratives” was held on June 1 2017.

Both the Powerpoint and the Summary Notes from the webinar are available for download.

Sharing Lessons Learned from Collaboratives Powerpoint (.pdf)

Sharing Lessons Learned from Collaboratives Summary Notes(.docx)

Coastal Quest will hold two identical webinars this summer on Friday, July 21 from 10-11am PDT and Tuesday, July 25 from 5-6pm PDT. The webinars will provide an informational overview of the MPA Collaborative Network Small Grants Program Request for Proposal. Representatives from OPC and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife will attend both webinars to field any questions Collaboratives may have.