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Ocean Protection Council

Science Advisory Team Workshop

Agenda Now Available

Workshop Theme: Bracing for a Changing World

April 18, 2016

Elihu M. Harris State Building, Room 1

1515 Clay St. Oakland, CA

Hosted by the Ocean Science Trust


The Ocean Protection Council Science Advisory Team (SAT) is composed of 26 esteemed scientists, convened to serve the science policy needs of California. The impact and relevance of the SAT has grown substantially over the last five years. From ocean acidification and hypoxia, to sea-level rise and sustainable fisheries, the team has worked closely with Ocean Science Trust to advance science-informed actions on a wide array of priorities identified by the Ocean Protection Council (OPC) and their agency partners. With the SAT welcoming five relatively new members, and new leadership at OPC and Ocean Science Trust, now is the time to reflect upon our progress, refine our vision and expand the value of the SAT to the State. The public is also welcome to attend. 


At this workshop, the SAT, Ocean Science Trust, the OPC and other state decision-makers will come together to: 

  • Refine our common understanding of the value and role of the SAT, and its relationship to the OPC and Ocean Science Trust; 
  • Share ideas for how to strengthen the SAT as an advisory body to the State and as a conduit to the broader scientific community; and 
  • Demonstrate the SAT’s value by building upon the work of the West Coast Ocean Acidification & Hypoxia Science Panel, which released its final products in early April.