2020 Outreach Coming to Your Area! 
During Spring and Summer of 2020, CMSF will be conducting outreach in your county and would like to work with you, the local pros! If you are interested in viewing the outreach locations for 2020, are in need of materials for your own organization, or if you would like to learn more or discuss these outreach efforts please contact Katelyn@californiamsf.org.

Upcoming Webinar on Social Media Best Practices. CMSF has been working with Resource Media, a communications firm, on image and message testing on Facebook and Instagram. The tests feature variations in images/video and text, and are essentially paid advertisements targeting the fishing, boating and ocean recreation/general visitor audiences. It is our hope that these tests provide valuable insight for all of us into the types of content our target audiences like to see on their feeds. Following the conclusion of the testing phase this month, there will be a webinar on the results of the testing, some social media best practices and more! Join us for the webinar on Thursday, May 14th, from 10-11 am. Register here! 

Contact katelyn@californiamsf.org with any questions.

Sign Locations. CMSF is looking for your suggestions! Do you know of a storefront, pier, bait and tackle shop, harbor, etc that is in need of signage? We are providing free, mixed content signage to high priority locations. Sign content can vary depending on the location and audience, but it must include some information on MPAs. For more information contact rikki@californiamsf.org

PowerPoint Trainings. CMSF is working on developing 2 template presentations for each coastal county. These scripted presentations, one for the recreational fishing community and one for the interpretive/ocean recreation community, will be available for download and modification by all. Do you have recommendations for locally relevant content that should be included? This can be cool facts, volunteer and citizen science opportunities, information on local research or anything else you think would be worth including! Please contact rikki@californiamsf.org with content and questions.