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MPA Recreational Brochure

The Santa Barbara Channel MPA Collaborative, in partnership with Santa Barbara Channelkeeper, developed a brochure highlighting the recreational opportunities within Santa Barbara’s MPAs with information on vendors that offer trips to MPAs.

Interactive MPA Map Update

Transferred an interactive online map of Channel island MPAs to an up-to-date technology and expanded the scope of the map interface to include all of Southern California. The interactive map is also part of a MPA exhibit at the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum’s Sea Center.

MPA Boundary Brochure

Conducted boundary identification of the Channel Island MPAs and created a draft brochure piloting use of directional headings for easier identification of MPA boundaries. The brochure was distributed to boaters for review. 

Invasive Algae Outreach Brochure

Created a pocket brochure to support education and outreach regarding invasive algal species. The brochure will be used to inform boaters of best practices to avoid the spread of invasive Asian kelp, Undaria pinnatifida, throughout the Santa Barbara Channel MPAs and beyond.

Coal Oil Point Reserve Nature Center MPA Exhibit

Created an MPA specific exhibit for the new Coal Oil Point Reserve (COPR) Nature Center highlighting research that has been conducted in the nearby MPA. The exhibit is installed and ready for visitors as well as freely available at the link below for anyone to download and use as desired.

MPA Awareness Campaign

Through a series of educational and recreational activities, Collaborative members raised the profile of local protected areas in fishing, diving, and boating trips. They created an MPA art exhibit and highlighted local protected areas at the Santa Barbara Ocean Day Festival and at Underwater Parks Day.

Mini-ROV Expeditions

Marine Protected Area (MPA) Collaborative Members statewide are field-testing Trident mini-ROVs (remotely operated vehicles or underwater drones) in collaboration with SoFar Ocean, National Geographic and the S.E.E. Initiative. More information about Collaborative expeditions focusing on MPA outreach, compliance, and citizen science projects can be found on our Resources page.

Be sure to follow the Del Norte Expeditions below on National Geographics digital field journal platform, Open Explorer. 

Santa Barbara Channel MPA Collaborative Leadership Team

Julie Bursek

SB Channel Collaborative Co-Chair

Education & Outreach Team Lead, Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary


Kristen Hislop

SB Channel Collaborative Co-Chair

Marine Conservation Program Director, Environmental Defense Center

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