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MPA Collaborative


The San Mateo Collaborative has successfully brought together MPA experts to work on localized projects that raise awareness of local marine protected areas.

Past Projects

Collaborative members have worked to define local tidepooling regulations at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, hosted a strategic planning session, and worked with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to design an informational kiosk for Pillar Point Harbor is used to educate anglers and boaters about MPA and fishing regulations.


San Mateo MPAs Brochure:  

The San Mateo MPA Collaborative developed a brochure for San Mateo residents to learn more about the MPAs in their area.

Brochure: MPAs in San Mateo County (.pdf)


Fitzgerald Marine Reserve Promo Video:

Current Projects

San Mateo MPA Videos:

The goal of this recent MPA videos campaign is to educate future visitors about the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, the Montara State Marine Reserve, the Pillar Point State Marine Conservation Area and MPAs overall with the aim to build a diverse, inclusive community working together in support of MPAs.

The San Mateo MPA collaborative will work with a Community Advisory Board and collaborative members to create 2-4 main messages for the multilingual culturally relevant campaign. We will develop a series of short videos to share widely, based on these messages.

In addition to the media campaign they will share this messaging on site at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve. With guidance and input from the Community Advisory Board the collaborative will also launch distribute a printed postcard, based on a still or series of stills from the videos.

The videos are slated for completion in early 2019. Stay tuned!

San Mateo MPA Collaborative Leadership Team

Rebecca Johnson

San Mateo MPA Collaborative Co-Chair

Citizen Science Lead
California Academy of Sciences


Laurel Finnegan

San Mateo MPA Collaborative Co-Chair

Park Ranger
San Mateo County

Fiscal Sponsor

County of San Mateo

This page was last updated on November 15, 2018

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