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Outreach & Education

MPA Outreach, Education & Ambassador Programs Summary

This document attempts to summarize the ongoing programs by Collaborative. It is still in a draft format.

CDFW’s MPA Outreach Partnerships Page

If you are designing educational materials that include information about California’s MPAs – especially maps – please refer to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Partnerships Page and quick reference guide.

Partnering with CDFW will help your organization improve the accuracy and efficacy of outreach products. Products that undergo the CDFW review process are eligible to use the CDFW shield for added recognition.

Ocean Protection Council

The State Ocean Protection Council coordinates MPA work with other ocean management agencies, working with partners to effectively advance management, research, enforcement and outreach efforts.

OPC’s MPA Partnership Plan, “The California Collaborative Approach”, outlines a partnership approach to managing California’s network of MPAs among agencies, tribal governments, fishermen, academics, governments, and non-profits. It is a commitment for all partners to work together in support of a healthy ocean, using the network of MPAs as a key feature in that effort.

California Marine Protected Areas
Education and Outreach Initiative

The California Marine Sanctuary Foundation has compiled a wealth of educational resources and outreach tools available including maps, outreach toolkits, videos, and interpretive brochures. Under a grant from the Ocean Protection Council, they are currently creating and installing MPA signage statewide with input from local partners.

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Research & Monitoring

Estuary Monitoring on the North Coast

Baseline Characterization of Biodiversity and Target Species in Estuaries along the North Coast of California
Final Report


Oceanspaces is a program of California’s Ocean Science Trust. Their site is a tool for learning about and interacting with MPA monitoring projects and other science based ocean initiatives across the state, and the people that run them.


SIMon – Sanctuary Integrated Monitoring Network

SIMon gathers summary data from on-going, recently completed and historic monitoring and research projects within the Cordell Bank, Gulf of the Farallones, and Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuaries, facilitating the critical communication between researchers, resource managers, educators and the public.

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Enforcement & Compliance


CDFW’s Mobile Website

CDFW’s mobile website tracks your location relative to the state’s 124 MPAs.

CalTIP: Californians Turn In Poachers

To report an MPA violation or other poaching, please call CalTIP at 888-DFG-CALTIP (888 334-2258). A mobile app for reporting violations is now available – please see CalTIP’s page for more details