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The Orange County Marine Protected Area Council (OCMPAC) is the state’s oldest MPA Collaborative, started in 1999.

OCMPAC is a collaboration of city and county officials, institutional representatives, environmental advocates, academic faculty and nonprofit organization members. OCMPAC’s accomplishments have included county-wide signage, enforcement trainings, education programs, research & monitoring, and teacher workshops. Based on their success, OCMPAC was used as a model for the development of the statewide network of collaboratives. In addition to establishing programs for docent education, public outreach, and consistent enforcement, OCMPAC is actively engaged in a range of citizen science projects that monitor the health of Orange County’s MPAs, and is currently proposing a project to quantify the value of services added by their MPA Collaborative.

If you are interested in participating in the Orange County Collaborative, please contact us.

Fiscal Sponsor: OneOC

Leadership Team

Jeremy Frimond, City of Laguna Beach