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Beyond Cannery Row: The Monterey Marine Protected Area Collaborative

This article is part of a series by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife Marine Management News featuring each of the MPA Collaboratives in the MPA Collaborative Network.

Exploring California's Marine Protected Areas

A series by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife Marine Management News exploring California’s MPAs. Recent articles featuring MPAs off the coast of Monterey County are linked below.

Lovers Point – Julia Platt State Marine Reserve

Submarine Canyon Habitats


Bilingual MPA Coloring Book

The Monterey MPA Collaborative has developed a bilingual coloring book featuring species likely to benefit from MPAs. The coloring book was printed and distributed at events and other venues where consumptive and non-consumptive users enter the MPA areas. The coloring book is freely available to download in our Project Library. 

MPA Outreach Toolkits

With coordination from the California Marine Sanctuary Foundation, the Monterey MPA Collaborative has developed MPA Outreach Toolkits which feature updated area brochures and laminated maps.

MPA Ambassador Program

Members have worked to incorporate marine protected area outreach and provide continued support to the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary’s Bay Net and Team OCEAN Volunteer Programs and helped create a State Parks PORTS Program highlighting Point Lobos MPAs.

MPA Outreach Assessment

The collaborative worked with CSU Monterey Bay students to engage and educate local dive shops on MPAs, surveying them on best approaches for education and establishing a baseline of knowledge regarding MPAs.

Mini-ROV Expeditions

Marine Protected Area (MPA) Collaborative Members statewide are field-testing Trident mini-ROVs (remotely operated vehicles or underwater drones) in collaboration with SoFar Ocean, National Geographic and the S.E.E. Initiative. More information about Collaborative expeditions focusing on MPA outreach, compliance, and citizen science projects can be found on our Resources page.

Be sure to follow the Monterey Expeditions below on National Geographic’s digital field journal platform, Open Explorer. 

Monterey MPA Collaborative Leadership Team

Erika Delemarre

Monterey MPA Collaborative Co-Chair

MPA Outreach & Education Project Coordinator, CA State Parks

Amy Brandt

Monterey MPA Collaborative Co-Chair

Park Interpretive Specialist, CA State Parks

Julia O'Hern

Monterey MPA Collaborative Co-Chair

Operations Manager, The Marine Mammal Center

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