MPA Collaborative


The Catalina Island Collaborative is focused on raising awareness about the Island’s nine marine protected areas amongst residents and visitors.

Recent Projects

Catalina MPA Signage: Collaborative members created a unique regulatory signage template based on other South Coast signage that is both informative and aestetically  pleasing.

MPA Fishing Guide: The Catalina MPA Collaborative developed a fishing guide depicting boundary markings across the island.

Upcoming Projects

 MPA Speakers Bureau: Develop a MPA speakers’ training program and provide presentations to target groups that would benefit from greater MPA awareness and understanding. Catalina MPA Collaborative is working in collaboration with the Los Angeles MPA Collaborative on this project.

MPA Fishing Guide Re-print: Re-print Catalina MPA Fishing Guide.

Catalina MPA Collaborative Leadership Team

Lauren Czarnecki-Oudin

Catalina MPA Collaborative Co-Chair

Laboratory Manager, USC Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies

Rebekah Rudy

Catalina MPA Collaborative Co-Chair

Conservation Operations Coordinator, Catalina Island Conservancy

Fiscal Sponsor


This page was last updated on July 23, 2018