What do marine protected areas (MPAs) mean to you?

Participate in the MPA Collaborative Network’s #MPAartchallenge and show us what MPAs mean to you! Create a piece of art showcasing what comes to your mind when you think of marine protected areas. All ages are welcome to participate and all types of art are encouraged. Draw, paint, build, cut and paste, act it out, write a poem, sing a song, make a meme, do an interpretive dance, take a photo, whatever form of artistic expression speaks to you.

How to participate:

1. Create a piece of art that answers the question, “What do marine protected areas mean to you?”

2. Post a photo or video of your creation on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter with the hashtag: #MPAartchallenge. We will feature as many of your creations as we can! If your page is Private, please send your post to us via a direct message to ensure we see it (social media handles below). You can also email photos/videos of your creations to mpacollaborativenetwork@gmail.com. Media may be shared on our social media/website and used for future education and outreach products.

     – Instagram: @mpacollaborativenetwork

     – Facebook: @MPACollaborativeNetwork

     – Twitter: @CA_MPA_CN

3. Raise awareness! Share the #MPAartchallenge with your family, friends, students, and colleagues. Let’s use this time while we are all stuck inside to channel our creativity and raise some awareness for California’s MPAs!

Featured Submissions