Calla Allison, Director

Calla Allison has been playing and working in the coastal waters of California her entire life.

She began with a 16 year career as a State Parks Lifeguard, working on the lifeguard boat, making rescues from shore, and teaching Junior Lifeguards in Santa Cruz and San Diego.  After serving on the Lifeguard Exchange to New Zealand, she became interested in international environmental policy.  She was especially interested in how to apply high level policy to on-the-ground, grassroots driven action and stewardship.   Much of what Calla learned about local ocean policy implementation came from her years as the Marine Protection Officer for the City of Laguna Beach and as Director for the Orange County MPA Council (OCMPAC). After serving as a member of the Marine Life Protection Act Initiative’s South Coast Regional Stakeholder Group, she became focused on expanding the OCMPAC model statewide, and the Collaborative Network was born.

Calla holds a Master’s degree in Pacific International Affairs from UC San Diego. She loves to travel, bodysurf, and play water polo.

Cristiane Livsey, Program Coordinator

Cristiane began her career in marine conservation working for a non-profit organization in her native country of Brazil. There she saw how conservation was being done effectively through science, education and engagement with local communities. She is excited to join the MPA Collaborative network and continue to work closely with coastal communities.

Her previous positions include working for the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species to assess the conservation status of marine fishes, and with NOAA’s Human Dimension’s Program examining the impacts of a catch-shares program on the Pacific Coast Groundfish Fishery.

She holds Masters Degrees from the University of Washington’s School of Fisheries, and the Department of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology at UC Santa Barbara.


Leandra Lopez, Outreach and Digital Engagement Manager


Leandra began her work with marine protected areas working for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s MPA Outreach Coordination project where she developed products for the public and aspects of their website. She has since moved to the MPA Management team where she is helping develop outreach avenues for the remotely operated vehicle (ROV) component of the project.

Leandra also brings a unique perspective to the project with her past work as a community organic farmer. During her time working as a Farm Manager for the City of Arcata, she worked with the community on outreach events and projects that worked to advance organic and sustainable agriculture in the community.

Leandra holds a Bachelors in Natural Resource Planning and Interpretation.