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MPA Collaborative Network COVID-19 Response

The health and wellbeing of all MPA Collaborative Network members and partners is of the utmost importance to us. Therefore, following CDC recommendations of social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Collaborative Network events will primarily be held using virtual video conference technology.

New and Noteworthy in the Network

Upcoming Events

June 1 – November 16 – Snapshot Cal Coast (physically distant and extended due to COVID-19)

Saturdays in September – CA Coastal Cleanup

September 30 – San Francisco and Marin Counties MPA  Community Compliance Forum

October 7 – CA Coastal Commission Meeting (virtual)

October 8 – Santa Barbara Channel MPA Community Compliance Forum

October 13 – Mendocino MPA Community Compliance Forum

October 14 – CA Fish  & Game Commission Meeting

October 19 – Monterey MPA Community Compliance Forum

October 21 – San Mateo MPA Community Compliance Forum

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Intersectional Environmentalism Resources

Intersectional environmentalism is a perspective and attitude that we can’t truly care for our planet without equally caring about social justice. Do you have another great resource? Let us know, email us at mpacollaborativenetwork@gmail.com.


The Santa Barbara Channel MPA Collaborative: Connecting with the Galapagos of North America

This article featuring the Santa Barbara Channel MPA Collaborative is part of a series by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife Marine Management News highlighting all of the MPA Collaboratives in the Network.

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MPA Monitoring Update: Rocky Intertidal

The data collected so far indicates that with better protection, rocky intertidal zones become more resilient to changes. When MARINe researchers first started monitoring sites, they found little difference between them. “But as soon as the MPAs got established, the separation started,” Raimondi says. “Things like temperature waves that came through and messed up a lot of communities—they appear to have had less of an effect in MPAs. And when they were hit, the MPAs seemed to come back faster.” 

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The Collaborative Network provides structure for addressing local ocean management needs.

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